Book About The Festival

Society for Culture & Environment holds 'Heartland Stories Bhopal Literature and Art Festival 2020' in Bhopal from 10-11-12 January. Attending a Literature Festival is a collective experience and generates emotional connection with the rest of the attendees creating vision that is both personal and collective at the same time. Storytelling is deeply embedded in our culture and has always been an effective tool for transference of knowledge and values.

To ensure a wholesome and enhanced experience the Festival is organized in three parallel sessions with the specialists speaking from their books on subjects as varied as Art & Lifestyle, Dialogue & Discussion, History & Mythology, Biography, Environment & Conservation, Defence & Diplomacy, Culture & Society, India: The Path Ahead and Memory & Creativity in Literature. The process of book writing the required decades of work by some authors, a journey that must have been marked with interesting episodes, which if shared by the authors would provide a completely new flavor and dimension to the book reading experience.

The book reading will also be accompanied by exhibitions and art installations.