Onir Dhar

Onir is an Indian film and TV director, editor, screenwriter, producer and author. Onir won the National Award for his film I Am. He has won 16 film awards in total. He is best known for his film My Brother…Nikhil, based on the life of Dominic d'SouzaNikhil was one of the first mainstream Hindi films to deal with AIDS and same-sex relationships.

Onir won the National Award for his film I AmHe is also one of the few openly gay directors in Bollywood.

His memoir I am Onir and I am Gay narrates deeply personal experiences, laying bare the struggles and triumphs that moulded him on his path to success. He offers readers a rare glimpse of his life, from his childhood days in Bhutan to when he was a young man with no connections in the Hindi film industry and later when he faced especially turbulent times. From the beginning of his career, Onir bravely asserted his sexual identity in a conservative, competitive environment. Despite seemingly insurmountable odds, he dreamt big and fought hard to carve a niche for himself.

Onir writes about his creative process and the off-beat films he has chosen to make, how by drawing on his life he confronted and transcended frontiers, to be ultimately rewarded with admiration and worldwide critical acclaim. The book also offers exclusive behind-the-scenes views of the making of some of his most popular films.

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