Shubha Menon

Shubha Menon advertising expert and author grew up in advertising agencies where she learnt how to coax tall tales into brief 30 seconds. Till 2019 she was employed with Ogilvy, but decided to quit and work exclusively on her third book. During her advertising years, she found time to write two books, ‘RESILIENCE – Stories of Muslim Women’ published by FrontPage Publications and launched in September 2019; and The Second Coming, romantic fiction, published by HarperCollins India in 2014.

A self-confessed workshop junkie, Shubha has attended weekend classes on butterfly reproduction, chakra healing, Indian art, screenplay writing, film appreciation, yoga, Buddhism, Sufism and salsa, among others. Her ongoing interest is mental health awareness and she has anchored a television show as well as curated talks on the subject.

The Society for Culture & Environment will hold the fourth edition of 'Heartland Stories — Bhopal Literature and Art Festival 2022 as a physical cum virtual event, between 25-27th March 2022.

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