Amit Paul

Lawyer, thinker, strategist and author Amit Paul has written an acclaimed book on Siachen, “Meghdoot: The Beginning of the Coldest War.” He is currently pursuing his Doctoral research on the Siachen Dispute.

With both his paternal and maternal grandfathers born in Shakargarh and Gilgit respectively and great grandfather having served under Maharaja Hari Singh in independent Jammu and Kashmir, Indo-Pak relations and specifically Kashmir has been an area of keen interest and research for him.

Meghdoot is a result of extensive original research and study of perhaps every possible book/paper (National and International) written on Siachen. It deep dives into the genesis of the Siachen Dispute and examines the legality of the Indian and Pakistani claims on the Glacier in a very racy and gripping manner. While it would have been easier to write a research paper and adopt an academic tome, Amit has presented all the facts and arguments logically and chronologically in a very riveting diary and dialogue format which will be of interest to a much larger audience. This is the first book on this subject which actually examines the Karachi Ceasefire Agreement of 1949 in detail and tries to identify the real reasons behind this impasse. While doing so Amit makes several important points which were hitherto overlooked or not given their due importance.

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