Rujuta Diwekar

India's leading celebrity nutritionist and exercise science expert and author, Rujuta Diwekar is a vocal champion of using our common sense and un - complicating the act of eating by emphasizing a blend of traditional food, wisdom and modern nutritional science for a healthy, body and mind. She has popularized the mantra: Eat local, think global. Her clients include Kareena Kapoor, Ali Bhatt, Ambanis etc. 

She was given the Nutrition Award by the Asian Institute of Gastroenterology in 2010 and is accredited with Sports Dieticians Australia.

Her latest book ‘Eating in the Age of Dieting’ is a collection of some of her most-loved writings on- Diet trends and food myths, Festival and seasonal foods, Quick tips for good health, Superfoods in the kitchen, Foods for lifestyle diseases, Exercise and yoga, Women’s and kids’ health and Heritage recipes.

The Society for Culture & Environment will hold the fourth edition of 'Heartland Stories — Bhopal Literature and Art Festival 2022 as a physical cum virtual event, between 25-27th March 2022.

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